Gold Leaf is the purest and most brilliant form of decoration. Used in 23 1/2 carat form it reflects an image of quality, class and power. For the finest work...there is no substitute.


The work of the signwriter has gradually been pushed out of the city centres to the side streets, then back streets and almost disappeared entirely, being replace largely by plastic signage. This is a classic example of how it has turned full circle. The Godstall Lane sign has hung in the same place for a hundred years. This beautiful sign and bracket was restored for the heritage division of Chester Council, Chester Renaissance.

Ornate blacksmith made brackets like this one almost definitely had their finest details picked out in gold leaf. So it was no suprise to find the original gilding after we started to clean it down. Post war years meant that elaborate details were often eliminated when repainting for the time being, in this case 60 or 70 years. The panels were hand beaten aluminium which I restored and signwritten to my own design in my workshop in North Wales.

In 2010 St. Andrew's Cathedral in Glasgow undertook major restoration. The specialist decoration was awarded to Scott Telfer one of the countries top gilders, I spent a few weeks working along side him on this fascinating project.

This project was for Wrexham Councils' heritage department. The Maypole Dairy Company had over a thousand branches in Great Britain, the facias were carved, then gilded and overlaid in glass. Working from old black and white photographs I was able to recreate the gold work. After gilding the 15 inch high letters I cut templates out of paper and burnished the gold in different directions with velvet to create the illusion of the carved letters.

The glass stall riser signs were painted and gilded in reverse with 2 shades of gold. The new black ironwork was highlighted in gold with the emphasis being on the monograme. The shop faces south and when the sun is shining the gold reflects the quality of what the Victorian shops stood for in that "golden" era.

This burl walnut painted plaque features burnished gold scroll work. As the light falls upon it the gold is reflected in all directions.

All work is copyright of David Kynaston © 1988